We Are Not Just About Ingredients and Recipes

Yes, I love eating just as much as the next. And love trying new recipes and new foods but, for me, that’s not what it is all about. Ask yourself, what is your why. What brings you pleasure? Why do you do what you do.

I love bringing people together to talk, share and learn. This past week was incredible. The Junior Chef Summer Camp and Icecream Party we had brought children together to share common interests and learn life skills while having fun. There was just as much fun had by adults as well.

The adults loved meeting and learning from Chef Virginia Willis. She made her famous Cat Head Biscuits and shared them with the crowd. She also gave us a lesson on gluten and different types of flour.

My point is, this is not just a blog or site for good food and recipes, like some. Follow us for food inspiration and to share, learn and bring your own experiences to the table.

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