We All Can Empower and Teach Life Skills

With kids its not just about ingredients and recipes.

It is incredibly rewarding to be running the Junior Chef Summer Camp. Not only are the children learning and having a great time but I am learning a few things as well.

I have come to the realization that since home economics classes, as we know it, have disappeared there is a huge need for the community to step up and start empowering children to get in the kitchen and learn about FOOD. Real food; not drive-thru, meals in a bag.

Many parents are overwhelmed with work and lack time to prepare nutritious meals. It would be something if children had the opportunity to explore healthy flavors and learn about nutrition after school. I’m sure life skills programs like this exist somewhere but there aren’t any in my community or school system.

Some of the children I am with this week have never tried many healthy fruits or vegetables. It is rewarding to know I am able to share and enjoy new flavors with the class. The children are excited to try avocado and feta cheese and equally excited to learn how to properly and safely use a knife.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to empower these children to learn life skills and step out of their shells to try new foods.

Maybe I will have to look into teaching life skills. You don’t have to be a Doctor or Nutritionist to help children experience new flavors and get excited about something like avocados instead of a meal with a toy!

There are three more classes this week. Each day is filled with joy, discovery, laughter, nutritious foods and skills to last a lifetime.

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