Try Letting Your Kids Play with Food

It is all about couriosity and discovery with kids. But, when we sit them down and tell them to eat this or that they are mostly reluctant. Use reverse psychology to get them to eat their fruits, veggies, yogurts etc. Try games and putting out foods they are allowed to play with. More than likely they will go for it.

A simple and nutricious snack we had the other day was a success – for many! The project was “Playing with Food” at the local mall. With no real guidelines to follow, I was allowed to be creative and practically had an unlimited budget.

IMG_7455They key was imagination. Set up an imagination station. I chose a farmers market. The kids were given bags and were allowed to take an imaginary journey to the farmers market (table) which was set up with fruit. Once they collected their fruits from shopping they were guided to the “picnic” style table. They were to take one of everything. Even if reluctant.

The table included a half a banana in peel, greek honey yogurt and a cinnamon rice cake. So many kids did not want the yogurt or even the banana. They were allowed to take the food to the floor supervised or unsupervised depending on their age, and combine. The suggestion was to spread the yogurt on top of the rice cake, unpeel and slice the banana with a popcicle stick and place on top of the yogurt slathered rice cake. The beauty was they did it themselves! They loved it!

The rewarding part was when parents came up and told me she could not get her child to try yogurt until today! Pictures of the products were being taken and kids were coming up to me telling me how much fun they had. Cool, right?!? Mission accomplished. Recreate this at home and have some fun.

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