Throwback Thursday

Foodies From the Past

While scouring through old cookbooks and articles for #tbt Throwback Thursday, I came across Roxanne E. Chan. She was the winner of the BH&G recipe contest in 1983 for her prized Turkey with Curry Sauce. I was intrigued so I started to search for her on the internet. The most recent article I was able to find on Roxanne was from The SF Gate on December 26, 2004 which tells of her background and beginnings as a  BH&G contest winner. After reading the interesting story by GraceAnn Walden, I began to wonder about all of the previous winners which now would be referred to as FOODIES. 48433FD4-C8F3-4FC2-8049-801755429AA2The FOODIES from years ago share the same passion and desire for food and recipes as the FOODIES and BLOGGERS of today minus Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and all of the other internet advantages.

I am curious to find out what the ORIGINAL FOODIES think about the FOODIE of today. If I had the chance to talk with Roxanne E. Chan , I would definitely want to know her thoughts about the FOODIE REVOLUTION . The one thing that inspires me the most about Roxanne is, as the article states, “she confesses that when she got married, she didn’t know how to cook.” Isn’t that true of most of us? We all have to start somewhere; and I believe there is a FOODIE somewhere inside of us wanting to get out. I’m not saying we all want to be the next Martha Stewart or Bobby Flay but, we do want to be able to create something delicious and be able to smile and say, “I made this on my own”.  So, thank you to ALL of the BH&G Prize Winners of days gone by who have inspired us over the years and paved the way for the FOODIE of TODAY.