The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge

I’m FREAKING OUT! I have been given a challenge that will require a miracle to pull off. I’m focusing on the positive and will do my best. Failure is not an option. I feel like I am on a reality cooking show that I must not lose at any cost. If I screw up, I will let everyone down; including  myself.

The first challenge is to make Mozzerella Strawberrry Bruschetta from page 98 in Giada de Laurentiis’ new book Giada’s Italy. That shouldn’t be a big deal right? Well it is because I have to make 600 servings. That’s right 600! And one little important detail not to be overlooked is Giada herself will be present. Now, if that isn’t nerve racking I don’t know what is. The one good thing is I tested the recipe in my own kitchen last week and it was a success. However, today I was thrown a curve ball.

Look out! In addition to the bruschetta, pasta pomodoro will also need to be made. So, 600 bruschetta and pasta?!? Ok. No problem. At least the sauce is a pre-made Giada sauce we sell at Williams Sonoma. Whew! Now I’m relieved. Just heating noodles and sauce – I’ve got this. But wait, what about the 300 lemon ricotta cookies? I better start making those tomorrow.

The plan is to make the cookies on Wednesday, prep all of the ingredients for the brushetta Thursday and Friday I will assemble and serve. Let’s hope all goes well and I don’t have one of those EPIC KITCHEN FAILS. Since I will be busy prepping for the Giada booksigning event I will be off the grid for a few days. Wish me luck!


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