Serve Rose Petal Water this Valentine’s Day

Looking for a refreshing, romantic beverage to serve day or night? Serve our beautiful Rasberry-Rose Petal Water.

1 Pint Rasberries

1 Carafe Water


White or Pink Rose Petals

Let seep 1 hour before serving.


Toy Stores

We’re talking Man vs Woman; Husband vs. Wife. Garage vs. Kitchen. Yes, I love shopping at my toy store,Williams Sonoma, just as much as my husband loves shopping at his: The Home Depot . After all, isn’t buying that new drill bit or nut driver like buying a new knife or spatula?!?! It wasn’t until I began enjoying life in the kitchen did I realize why my garage was overflowing with drills, saws, tools and basically everything the Home Depot sells. Enjoying life in the kitchen has turned me into a Cook’s Tool junkie. And just like the male version of combo kits and tool chests I cannot get enough spatulas, bakeware, dishes or cookware. So this Valentine’s Day I will purchase a Home Depot gift card and let him enjoy HIS toy store. I won’t be that nagging wife who is always complaining about the garage. Instead, I will encourage him to buy more tools because I will need him to build me a pantry and an extra room for all of my new toys. It’s a win – win! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Sign of The Times

Take a close look at those cute little conversation hearts that are a Valentine’s Day staple. Gone are the cute little sayings of days gone by. There are no more XOXO, SWEET or KISS ME. I don’t think I overlooked them, either. It wasn’t until we had devoured half the bag that I noticed the writing looked different. It was not the traditional stamped font but, a computer type font that caught my attention. Once I looked closer I saw TEXT ME, TTYL and ADORBZ! What?!?! When did this happen? My kids are now teenagers but, I don’t remember these little sweets being so…..non-traditional. I love tradition. I was not expecting to see such a sign of the times in a traditional Valentine’s Day treat. I must say, Brach’s, I am heartbroken.

Valentines Day Cheat

If you love chocolate as much as I do but don’t have the time to melt, dip and cool, it’s time to cheat and make these quick, ready to eat, delicious treats. All you need are strawberries, whipped cream (easiest) or frosting and mini chocolate chips. Just cut tops of strawberries and a little from the bottom for balance. Hallow them out, fill, sprinkle and indulge. No messy dishes to clean so you can relax and get on with the rest of the night.

This gadget works perfectly if you decide to make your own whipped cream. It is handy to have in the kitchen for those extra special moments. Find out the details by the link in the photo.