Bring A Hostess Gift to Talk About

Heading out to holiday parties can create a bit of stress wondering what to bring as a hostess gift. Now bring a hostess gift to talk about.

These unique tea towels will be set out in the kitchen or at the bar and everyone will have a comment to make. Whether you want something funny, racy or artistic, these hand towels make a great gift. So forget about the chocolate, potpourri, candle or soaps and lotions. Create a smile all season long: bring a unique hand towel. Affiliate link below. If you purchase through the link we are compensated.

Check out all of the awesome designs


Never Enough Tea Towels

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about that special gift for mom. One thing I know for certain is you can never have enough tea towels in the kitchen. Tea towels add a personal touch and will leave a lasting memory. Whether they are for a holiday or just every day a tea towel in a gift basket or with coffee or tea make a perfect gift. There are so many cute choices of tea towels with theyare the talk of the town. Check out my favorite graphic Tea Towels!

If you dont want to get edgy, graphic towels then these are sure to please.

 Show some love with adorable Tea Towels!