The Art of Food

I’m sure most of us have been out to eat and snapped a few pics of a delicious meal to post on Facebook or Instagram. Inspired by the advancements in technology and photo apps we all can create amazing pictures of food. If it weren’t for smart phones this photo trend probably would’ve never evolved. I mean can you see people snapping photos with their 110 cameras or Polaroids? No, film and development would be costly. So now here we are, taking food pics whether we go.

Thanks to Instagram this has truly become an art form. The art of food has taken over! Actually, for the good and bad. Now we can discover amazing new foods and ways to present them but, for those of us who take it to the extreme and can’t take a bite without a pic, it’s kind of disruptive to others.

Regardless of the disruption, I like many others, have made it a hobby. And have been inspired to push food photography to the limit in hopes of inspiring others. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pics for The Art of Food: Breakfast to Dessert.


Sandwich Night

I need a Sandwich Night. It’s Monday so let’s kick back enjoy a sandwich and not think about doing dishes.

My go to, savory sandwich is based on the Weck. The Weck was born in Buffalo, NY; it’s made with roast beef on a kimmelweck roll, thus the name Weck.

Our version is slightly different. We use thinly sliced London broil, warmed in au jus with grueyre cheese on a pretzel roll. Slice the roll and give the top a brush of egg and sprinkle with a pinch of caraway seeds. Lightly toast each half of the pretzel roll, allowing the egg and caraway to do its thing and put a few slices of cheese on the bottom half of the roll in the oven for 5 minutes at 375. Add warmed meat and a dab of horseradish if you prefer. Top the roll with a baby dill on a toothpick and enjoy! Goes great with beer!