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Why You Should Make Mason Jar Meals

If you are on Pinterest you will see a plethora of Mason Jar recipes and #masonjarinspiration. I must confess I fell into the Mason Jar Meal Plan.

Preparing various meals and snacks in Mason Jars not only saved me time to eat healthier but, also attributed to my loosing 10 pounds and going down a size all without dieting. I attribute this to portion control. I’m not suggesting this will work for everyone but, it worked for me.

Why not give it a shot? Take a step into the realm of MasonJar Meals and ditch the plastic storage containers. I have also found that by storing my fruits and veggies in Mason Jars they stay fresher longer.

I’m hooked on the Mason Jar lifestyle. You should give it a shot! What have you got to lose?


To make your Mason Jar journey simple, we have added a few links of sizes you will need to get started. I purchased the jars by case and found that was just what I needed to get going. You will need the quart size for salads, the pint size for yogurts parfaits or oats and the 1/2 pints for snacks or baking pies, etc.

Afilliate Disclaimer: We have an affiliation with the products shown below. Which means if you make a purchase from one of the links we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.



Never Enough Tea Towels

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about that special gift for mom. One thing I know for certain is you can never have enough tea towels in the kitchen. Tea towels add a personal touch and will leave a lasting memory. Whether they are for a holiday or just every day a tea towel in a gift basket or with coffee or tea make a perfect gift. There are so many cute choices of tea towels with theyare the talk of the town. Check out my favorite graphic Tea Towels!

If you dont want to get edgy, graphic towels then these are sure to please.

 Show some love with adorable Tea Towels!

Cooking vs. Catering

I survived the Ultimate Kitchen Challenge and have a new found appreciation for catering.

It would be fair to say that not only did I make 600 Bruschetta and Lemon cookies but, served them as well. Luckily, everything was delicious and everyone was satisfied with my creations. However, large scale food prep, while on my own is definitely a lot of work. I did get some sleep but for the most part worked 36 hours preparing for the event and suffered complete exhaustion for a couple days following.

I have a new respect for those who cater large events. Even with a team of people it is a lot of work.

Lesson learned: Accept a challenge but, enlist the help of others.