Make a Healthy Lunch in Five Minutes

Is making a sandwich with a side of chips easier than making a healthy, Cucumber Tuna Boat? I used to think so.

A sandwich with chips is the go to lunch for many. However, it is packed with carbs and fat. Not a good combo.

It wasn’t until I started ”meal prepping” that my eating habits changed and my waistline began to shrink. I realized ”meal prepping” was going to be the key to healthy living.

Washing and storing fruits and veggies in mason jars once or twice a week makes it do easy to pull things together for a quick breakfast or lunch. Yogurt and berries is a favorite. Carrots get eaten a lot faster if they are already washed and sliced.

Start meal prepping to save time for making a healthy lunch in five minutes. Enjoy!

Featured Image: Tuna-Cucumber Boats with minced carrots and cherry tomatoes

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The Secret to A Picture Perfect Turkey

Let’s Talk Turkey

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away it’s time to start planning your menu and picking up a few tips and tricks along the way. We have the secret to a picture perfect turkey; definitely Insta-worthy.

When you look at all of the culinary magazines and web pages the featured turkey is always a beautiful golden brown. Have you ever wondered how that look was achieved? In most instances it is airbrushed or photoshopped. Therefore, not “real”. To serve a golden, insta-worthy, moist turkey we use cheese cloth and a lot of butter; yes, four pounds of UNSALTED butter. That’s right, four pounds of delicious, melted butter.

To get started, slather on the butter to a towel dried bird. Sprinkle on your seasoning, soak a double layer of cheesecloth in melted butter and drape over the turkey. Set oven to 425 F for the FIRST 30 MINUTES; turn down to 325 F and roast until internal temperature at its deepest point is 165 F to 170 F (typically takes 20 minutes per pound at 325 F to reach internal temp). Continually baste every 35-40 minutes with melted butter. You can go straight up melted butter or melted butter with a dry white wine. Remove the cheesecloth with 30 minutes of bake time left. Remove cheesecloth slowly. It might feel like it sticks but it’s ok, just peel it slowly.

Now that the turkey is done and a golden brown, garnish your platter with herbs, citrus and fruit; cover with foil to let the turkey rest for 30 minutes before serving.

Your guests will be drooling at the site of your beautiful turkey. Surely, everyone will want to snap a pic of this perfect turkey for their instagram.

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Turn Average Ramen into Spectacular Ramen

Every once in a while we eat Ramen. Not just any Ramen but Spectacular Ramen!

There are many things you can do to kick up ramen. Our favorite kick-starters are a pinch of red pepper flakes, a pinch of garlic powder and fresh parsley with two slices of Grand-Cru Alpine Cheese from Wisconsin. White American Cheese works as well.

Sometimes we crack an egg in at the end for an additional boost. Have fun dressing up Ramen and sneak some minced carrots in as well. Enjoy eating Spectacular Ramen instead of Average Ramen.

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