What Do You Know about the Food You Eat

Something to Consider…

Do you have a meal prep plan or just wing it? I pretty much just winged it for my entire life. And was never thrilled with my weight. The South Beach Diet came and went. So did Atkins. However, things changed drastically once I began a meal prep plan; NOT A DIET.

I began with education. Watch some documentaries on Netflix regarding our food supply and eating trends. Reevaluate overall grocery purchases and take extra time to research recipes; not diet plans. Once I did this, changes started to happen.

I purchased bento boxes and stocked up on mason jars. Bento boxes helped with portion control and mason jars made healthy snacks easily accessible and were the grab-n-go snacks instead of chips, crackers or granola bars.

My research has led me to eat mostly plant based meals. Yes, the cookies and sweets are still a part of my life. I have a serious sweet tooth. However, the daily cravings have disappeared. Over a month I have lost inches and feel better overall.

Gone are all of those foods that are sold as “heart healthy”, “low fat” and “reduced sugar”. No more granola bars, chips, low-fat yogurts or cereals boasting how healthy they are. Enter, fruits, veggies, almond milk, Greek yogurts and fresh baked goods. Meats have been cut back to only grass fed, beef or chicken. No processed cold cuts with preservatives.

The question I must ask is, why have we or I let the food industry mislead and brain wash us to think all of their crap is healthy? The big business of food addiction is more prevalent today than ever.

Take a slow walk down the cereal aisle. What do you see? I see dyes, sugars and empty calories for our kids and mis leading “heart healthy” cereals for adults. For my entire life, I was led to believe eating all of these processed foods was ok. The norm. I even fed my children the horrible foods from grocery shelves not knowing how harmful they really are. Yes, harmful.

Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are more prevalent than ever; as well as a list of other ailments. I have seen with my own eyes the positive changes people have experienced by eating local. Cutting out the processed foods and meats laden with toxins is a good starting point. Next, just keep driving by McDonalds or fast food establishments. I used to eat fast foods even Panera Bread 3 to 4 Times weekly. I haven’t been to either one in months and feel better than ever.

I don’t mean to preach. I am solely relaying personal experiences. Not everyone is susceptible to change. Food is a sensitive subject but, if you look close enough at the foods being sold to us you will see how misleading and unhealthy they are. Do the research on your own and make a personal decision that is right for you and your family.