Make a Healthy Lunch in Five Minutes

Is making a sandwich with a side of chips easier than making a healthy, Cucumber Tuna Boat? I used to think so.

A sandwich with chips is the go to lunch for many. However, it is packed with carbs and fat. Not a good combo.

It wasn’t until I started ”meal prepping” that my eating habits changed and my waistline began to shrink. I realized ”meal prepping” was going to be the key to healthy living.

Washing and storing fruits and veggies in mason jars once or twice a week makes it do easy to pull things together for a quick breakfast or lunch. Yogurt and berries is a favorite. Carrots get eaten a lot faster if they are already washed and sliced.

Start meal prepping to save time for making a healthy lunch in five minutes. Enjoy!

Featured Image: Tuna-Cucumber Boats with minced carrots and cherry tomatoes

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Make A Visit to Your Local Pumpkin Patch

There’s nothing like making a trip to the Pumpkin Patch to get the full experience of Fall. Whether you live in the country or city, North or South memories are made at the Pumpkin Patch that will last a lifetime!

This year there was an abundance of Gizmo Gourds, Goose Neck Gourds and Snowflake Pumpkins. Check out our visit to the local Pumpkin Patch.

Check Out The Pumpkin Patch!

Discover The Green Life!

Journey to The Vegan Farmacy

Yes, in this case, pharmacy is spelled FARMACY. The Vegan Farmacy is a roadside Farmers Market and Cafe that I happened to stumble upon today in my quest for a healthier lifestyle.

I am not Vegan or Vegitarian but am exploring eating clean and healthy. So, we will see where this takes me.

Check out my field trip to The Vegan Farmacy. I will definitely be heading back! Their food looks amazing.

Field Trip to The Vegan Farmacy video link.

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Journey to a Healthier Home: Week One

Week One: Today I am stepping back and looking at all of the things in my kitchen that are unhealthy for the environment. It seems like a mountain and I will never reach the top. I am committed. Committed to contributing to make a difference: It takes a village. One motivating factor is my daughter has been accepted to live in the Sustainable Dormitory on campus. We can support one another. There are several groups out there I am researching and will share once I have a chance to thoroughly investigate. However, what I have found is most of these groups are in the European Nation. I guess we are behind the times.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please, please, please leave positive comments. Please join this journey for a healthier home and healther planet.

A few items I have purchased and are listed on the Zero Waste Home.

This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of these links we earn a commission.