Greeting Cards that Rock

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Greeting cards that totally rock for a buck! Now this year everyone gets a gift and a card for their birthday! Not only do they have awesome birthday cards, they have cards for all occasions! Now that’s a relief on the wallet.

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Sandwich Night

I need a Sandwich Night. It’s Monday so let’s kick back enjoy a sandwich and not think about doing dishes.

My go to, savory sandwich is based on the Weck. The Weck was born in Buffalo, NY; it’s made with roast beef on a kimmelweck roll, thus the name Weck.

Our version is slightly different. We use thinly sliced London broil, warmed in au jus with grueyre cheese on a pretzel roll. Slice the roll and give the top a brush of egg and sprinkle with a pinch of caraway seeds. Lightly toast each half of the pretzel roll, allowing the egg and caraway to do its thing and put a few slices of cheese on the bottom half of the roll in the oven for 5 minutes at 375. Add warmed meat and a dab of horseradish if you prefer. Top the roll with a baby dill on a toothpick and enjoy! Goes great with beer!


Go In Deep

During the design process, don’t skip the inside of the cabinet! Aside from deluxe drawer glides, and roll out trays there are hundreds of organization systems for inside the cabinet. If you are on a tight budget and there is no way you can afford the manufacturer installed organizational systems we have you covered! The suggested inserts will help you to stay organized!

This waste basket pull out is by Rev-A-Shelf. I have worked with Rev-a-Shelf products for over 12 years. They are prefabricated to fit within certain measurements. Be sure to check your measurements before ordering. Check out the spec’s on the photo link.

I have literally sold hundreds of these tilt out trays to people who are retro fitting. It is really a simple fix. The front face of the cabinet comes off and a hinge is added, the trays are attached and voila – instant tilt out trays! If ordering a new kitchen double check the price of factory installed tilt outs vs. this economical option.

This under the sink drip tray is a life saver! I cannot tell you how I wished I had one when my faucet started leaking! I learned by lesson the hard way. The cabinet base was ruined. We had a slow leak and because of all of the junk underneath the sink we had no idea until it was too late. After that experience, I purchased this sink mat right away!

Definitely consider roll-outs! If you forget to include them in your design, Rev-A-Shelf makes the transition easy. It is such a bummer to have to try to get to the back of the cabinet. With roll out trays you dont have to bend and reach; just pull out the tray and get what you need! The link is in the photo.

Avoid an Appliance Nightmare


Measuring for appliances is just as important as measuring your linear foot. If you do not have the proper appliance measurements you could have a disaster on your hands. There are some standards to consider when laying out your kitchen. Before you head out shopping keep your measurements handy. Knowing these measurements will help you narrow down your selection. We use Stanley tapemeaures. They are tough, durable and I have had mine for 10 years!

Ranges: Measure W x H x D. The standard range typically measures 30x36x27 depending on brand and style.

Cooktops: Cooktops are cut into the countertop. Their measurements can start as small as 27″. The most popular size is a 30″ just like the standard range, however, 36″ can be a great choice.

Wall Ovens: Whether you are getting a single wall oven, double wall oven or microwave combo, you will need several extra inches on the sides for installation. Depending on the size your designer can work this in to make sure you have the correct cabinet to house the unit. These can be tricky as they are a true custom feature.

Microwaves: Above the range microwaves are a standard 30″w since they go above the range. However, pay close attention to the height and depth before purchasing. Manufacturer models vary in height and depth which can cause a problem if measured after the design and purchase process. Microwave height affects the cabinet size that goes above the microwave.

Dishwashers: They are a standard 24″ wide and are meant to fit underneath the countertop inbetween standard height base cabinets. Dishwashers have leveling feet on the bottom should you need to raise or lower the unit a small bit.

Refrigerators: THERE IS NO STANDARD SIZE FOR REFRIGERATORS! Be mindful of all of the refrigerator measurements: width, height (including hinges) and depth (including handles for tight spaces). It is important to consider the depth of the cabinet going above the refrigerator because you will need clearance to open the doors; you dont want the hinges to prevent you from opening the doors all the way.

If you only have a 36″ opening for your refrigerator it could not be enough room for that beautiful french door or oversized unit. Alter your design to fit the refrigerator of your dreams. Also, if you are in tight quarters consider a counter depth refrigerator. These do not stick out 6″ from the countertop and are just  about flush with the countertop.

Bar Refrigerators: These also vary in size. Estimate 18″ or more to work into your plan.



Inspiration Kitchen: An Inspiration Destination

pexels-photo-390403.jpegThe kitchen is the hub of the household. No matter how big or small, everyone congregates in the kitchen and shares a love for food. It is where we break bread and make memories to last a lifetime.

Inspiration Kitchen: A destination,  is a place to come to learn, get inspired and bring out that inner designer or chef. A place to learn new things about the kitchen, try new things, share information and experience a lifestyle. Inspiration Kitchen is about a lifestyle; not just a specific diet or food or a product. It is about making life in the kitchen enjoyable for everyone from the novice to the most experienced chef’s we all have something to bring to the table.

Enjoy this journey through Inspiration Kitchen.