Grow Your Money at Dollar Tree with Hallmark Expressions

Surprise! I found a place where money grows on trees; well figuratively speaking. My latest money-saving, jaw dropping discovery is from the Dollar Tree. They now carry Expressions cards by Hallmark  for only $1.00 each. They also carry Heartline, a Hallmark Company,  which are 2 for $1.00. Now you can celebrate every moment and every holiday without breaking the bank. Dollar Tree makes giving quality greeting cards affordable. If you don’t believe me just check out the pictures of some of the awesome cards I picked up. Yes, these are just like the Hallmark cards we all know: Stylish and Heartwarming, made with Quality Papers.


I am so excited to have Hallmark Expressions and  Heartline  by Hallmark cards at Dollar Tree and on One of my favorites is this gorgeous Wedding card by Hallmark Expressions. The card pairs marvelously with the special wedding gift.


I cannot believe I only spent $4.00 for four Hallmark Expressions cards and $2.00 for four Hallmark Heartline cards! I typically spend an upwards of $5.00 a card at other retailers. Now with Dollar Tree, I have a ton of extra cash for more shopping! So, I’m thinking yes, money does grow like trees when you buy Hallmark cards from Dollar Tree.

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Literally hundreds of Hallmark Expressions cards to choose from for only $1 at Dollar Tree!


Forget the Laundry and Bake

Food for thought.

The smell, the taste and the bond of being in the kitchen together creates memories of a lifetime.

Whether it’s making a holiday meal, baking or cooking up Sunday breakfast, time spent together in the kitchen is priceless.

Think back to your earliest baking memories; were you 2 or 3 years old? Maybe 5 or 6? I can remember cooking and baking with my Grandmother like it was yesterday. I in turn spent time cooking and baking with my kids from the day they could walk.

So during all of the chaos and crazy schedules remember to make time to create simple but special memories to last a lifetime. Forget the laundry! No one will remember if their laundry was done. They will remember the joy, taste and smell of that batch of chocolate chip cookies and the time you spent together making them.

Make your memories with Bosch

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Try Letting Your Kids Play with Food

It is all about couriosity and discovery with kids. But, when we sit them down and tell them to eat this or that they are mostly reluctant. Use reverse psychology to get them to eat their fruits, veggies, yogurts etc. Try games and putting out foods they are allowed to play with. More than likely they will go for it.

A simple and nutricious snack we had the other day was a success – for many! The project was “Playing with Food” at the local mall. With no real guidelines to follow, I was allowed to be creative and practically had an unlimited budget.

IMG_7455They key was imagination. Set up an imagination station. I chose a farmers market. The kids were given bags and were allowed to take an imaginary journey to the farmers market (table) which was set up with fruit. Once they collected their fruits from shopping they were guided to the “picnic” style table. They were to take one of everything. Even if reluctant.

The table included a half a banana in peel, greek honey yogurt and a cinnamon rice cake. So many kids did not want the yogurt or even the banana. They were allowed to take the food to the floor supervised or unsupervised depending on their age, and combine. The suggestion was to spread the yogurt on top of the rice cake, unpeel and slice the banana with a popcicle stick and place on top of the yogurt slathered rice cake. The beauty was they did it themselves! They loved it!

The rewarding part was when parents came up and told me she could not get her child to try yogurt until today! Pictures of the products were being taken and kids were coming up to me telling me how much fun they had. Cool, right?!? Mission accomplished. Recreate this at home and have some fun.

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We All Can Empower and Teach Life Skills

With kids its not just about ingredients and recipes.

It is incredibly rewarding to be running the Junior Chef Summer Camp. Not only are the children learning and having a great time but I am learning a few things as well.

I have come to the realization that since home economics classes, as we know it, have disappeared there is a huge need for the community to step up and start empowering children to get in the kitchen and learn about FOOD. Real food; not drive-thru, meals in a bag.

Many parents are overwhelmed with work and lack time to prepare nutritious meals. It would be something if children had the opportunity to explore healthy flavors and learn about nutrition after school. I’m sure life skills programs like this exist somewhere but there aren’t any in my community or school system.

Some of the children I am with this week have never tried many healthy fruits or vegetables. It is rewarding to know I am able to share and enjoy new flavors with the class. The children are excited to try avocado and feta cheese and equally excited to learn how to properly and safely use a knife.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to empower these children to learn life skills and step out of their shells to try new foods.

Maybe I will have to look into teaching life skills. You don’t have to be a Doctor or Nutritionist to help children experience new flavors and get excited about something like avocados instead of a meal with a toy!

There are three more classes this week. Each day is filled with joy, discovery, laughter, nutritious foods and skills to last a lifetime.

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Book of The Week

Friday, March 23rd

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