Grilling for Survival When Disaster Strikes

It’s time to set aside all of the glamorous recipes, meals and desserts and think about what you would do if disaster hit. I am bringing this up because I do live in a hurricane prone area and it is hurricane season. However, disaster can strike anywhere at anytime. I am sharing grilling for survival because it is what I had to do last summer.

The key element here is survival. It’s not about just having a grill, it’s about having the tools to go along with your grill it that make life easier. Whether it’s a propane or charcoal grill you must have CAST IRON COOKWARE. The essentials are a cast iron griddle, cast iron fry pan and a cast iron dutch oven. These key elements will allow you to make breakfast, lunch and dinner and not have to eat just grilled meats, fruits and vegetables.

Granted I love grilled food as much as the other guy, but being able to make french toast, eggs, pancakes and bacon during the aftermath of a storm with no power makes life bearable. Having cast iron cookware and a grill is like having a cooktop and oven. Continue reading “Grilling for Survival When Disaster Strikes”