Delicious Butternut Squash Soup on the Fly

Sometimes You Have to Take Shortcuts

With the flavors of Fall upon us there are so many delicious recipes to conquer; however, there not enough time to make everything. Short cuts must be made somewhere.

I refuse to take any short cuts in baking so, the soup is where I have to cheat.

I’ve tried several brands of pre-made butternut squash soup and the best one comes from Williams Sonoma. IMG_9204 (2)Essentially it is a puree, therefore, all of the tedious work is done. The only thing you need is olive oil, onion, garlic, thyme, chicken broth, heavy cream and an appetite. The directions are on the back of the jar.

To make it extra special serve grilled cheese with apple on the side. Heat up panini press or frying pan. Butter your bread, place a couple of slices of Tillamook White Cheddar on bottom slice. Add sliced apple cut about 1/8th inch thick. I like to use apples that are tart. Place other slice of bread on top and cook until done. DELICIOUS!


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