Bring A Hostess Gift to Talk About

Heading out to holiday parties can create a bit of stress wondering what to bring as a hostess gift. Now bring a hostess gift to talk about.

These unique tea towels will be set out in the kitchen or at the bar and everyone will have a comment to make. Whether you want something funny, racy or artistic, these hand towels make a great gift. So forget about the chocolate, potpourri, candle or soaps and lotions. Create a smile all season long: bring a unique hand towel. Affiliate link below. If you purchase through the link we are compensated.

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Get Your Sexy On

Just like the sexy GREEN M&M ©, it’s time to dress in green. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th and it seems people use this holiday to get wild and don their green. In many cultures green represents luck and fertility; maybe that has something to do with people getting drunk on green beer and frisky on St. Patricks Day. Nonetheless, St. Patrick’s Day has turned into a day of drunken celebration. Even for those who don’t drink; they celebrate with recipes, cupcakes crafts, clothing and even get a little wild and sexy. St. Patrick’s Day seems to give permission to cut loose; actually it is supposed to be a cultural and religious celebration called the Feast of St. Patrick; a feast which marks the death of Ireland’s most patron saint who died on March 17th. So, bring on the beer, right?

Guiness© is the traditional beer of choice, selling over 13 million pints worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s a lot of beer! But, it can be justified by so many because it only has 9.6 grams of carbohydrates per 12 oz serving. Sign me up; even though I am not a drinker I will still have a swig to go along with the traditional foods served on celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

The traditional foods really aren’t sexy. But who cares after you have been drinking beer all day. Starting with green pancakes or green eggs, I’ve seen people start drinking in the morning. Especially those attending a parade. They drink before, during and after the parade. Only the strong survive. IMG_2172

With a shift in health consciousness, I’m sure the breakfast of choice will be spinach smoothies. I doubt the health conscious will be drinking beer for breakfast. It doesn’t matter though, green smoothies can make you feel sexy just by their exotic look.

So, let’s enjoy the day, cut loose and party! Beer drinker or not, break out some green m&m’s © and wear your sexiest green! Irish or not, “Erin go Bragh” !

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