Save the Avocado

What?!?! According to multiple news sources, if the President shuts down the border with Mexico we will be faced with an avocado shortage. Say it isn’t so.

The price of an avocado in my area is already high; depending whether or not you can score a sale. Over the past year the avocado has become a staple in my diet: avaocado with eggs, on burgers, on salads, on tacos…and the list goes on.

Apparently, according to media sources, we have about a three week supply left. Really? I find this disheartening; so much so because the avocado growing season hasn’t even really begun in California and is supposed to be meek,

So, with the possibility of an impending avocado crisis on the forefront, avoFresh has arrived just in time. avoFresh™ is designed to keep avocado dishes fresh for up to 7 days. Made with Vitamin C and Calcium Carbonate, avoFresh™ is OMRI-certified for organic use, and is naturally vegan, gluten-free and salt free. So, what are you waiting for? Save the life of your avocado and save money! Get avoFresh NOW!

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Save Money Now!

Make A Delicious Avocado Egg Bake in Minutes

Breakfast for one or breakfast for twelve has never been easier.

Go for this filling Avocado Egg Bake. I didn’t make toast for myself but a delicious whole grain would be wonderful to serve with this breakfast.


No butter needed. Just healthy goodness.

Slice Avocado in half, remove Pit and place each half into a muffin tin to keep the avocado level. Crack a small or medium egg into a bowl one at a time and spoon into avocado. If you want to be messy just crack the egg directly into the avocado.

Sprinkle with sliced cherry tomatoes, red onion and Colby jack cheese.

Bake at 400 for 10 – 12 minutes. Let cool for a minute then remove from tin to serve and enjoy!

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Enrich Your Meal Plan with Avocado

I cannot believe that it took me 49 years to actually try avocado! Unfortunately, I missed out on one of my new favorite foods. I guess my family never had avocado so therefore, neither did I. It wasn’t until “avocado awareness” took the forefront in diets and new cookbooks. If you haven’t tried avocado, you abosolutely must? You have nothing to lose. You will either love it or hate it.

If you love it, it is addicting. I put it in smoothies to add creaminess, salads to keep hunger at bay and tacos for flavor. After my avocado experience I am on an inspired to try other fruits and vegetables with excitement.


Consult your physician prior to changing your diet or types of food intake. The above reasons listed are on an individual basis and have varied results; the above is not medical advice. The above reasons to eat avocado is a personal account of why I eat avocado and I am not making a medical claim for readers.

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