Taco Tuesday Rave

It’s Taco Tuesday!

In the old days, going way back, we had Prince Spaghetti day which was a Wednesday staple in our house. And it’s true, as a kid, I loved Wednesday! However, the tradition faded, as many often do. However, we have evolved!

A new tradition has taken over: Taco Tuesday! Who doesn’t like a good taco? The beauty of a taco is you can customize it any way you like.

Soft shell, hard shell, chicken, beef, beans, veggies, cheese or no cheese; sour cream, etc. With the healthy eating revolution some tacos don’t have meat. Avocados, corn, tomatoes and beans have stole the show.

It’s a Taco Rave on Tuesday’s in my house. I set up the taco bar with retried beans, veggies, cheese and heat up rice,meats and tortilla chips; everyone helps themselves. I will confess, like most Americans, and for shame, I use prepackaged mix. I used to use the powdered stuff on the shelf which I no longer use after reading the ingredients. I switched to Taco Starter by Williams Sonoma because of the fresh ingr√©dients but then they DISCONTINUED it; bummer. I should petition to bring it back. It was fresh and flavorful. I then found Frontera which is the next best thing. Are there any other recommendations? I don’t have time to make it from scratch.

Taco Tuesday is like a small party. The family loves it and it brings even the pickiest eaters to the table. So do it up! Have a Taco Tuesday Rave!

photo: Williams-Sonoma.com