So You Think You Are Eating Pure Honey? Think Again!

Everyday on the news you hear about Salmonella Poisoning or Ecoli Bacteria or a reference about how unhealthy or unsafe certain foods are. However, have you heard of one of the largest food fraud cases in United Stated history? It centers around HONEY. That’s right, as simple as it may seem it’s not simple at all. It’s mind boggling; however, Some might not even care and shrug it off as, “it’s just honey”. That’s fine if you don’t use honey or ANYTHING honey products are used for.

I’m going to try to make a real long story short by saying first, if you are interested in the big HONEY FRAUD depicted in The NETFLIX documentary ‘Rotten: S1E1: Lawyers, Guns and Honey’ – WATCH IT! You will be amazed. Second, go to your cabinet to see where your honey is from.

The back of my cute little bear says “product of United States and Argentina”. That’s not good. Chances are it has been ‘adulterated’ with corn syrup or some other non-detectable adulterating agent. Just like a drug dealer splits cocaine. It is possible it was sold to us by a third party and actually originated in China. The documentary explains the process, sanctions and illegal honey trading in detail.

The bottom line and my take away from the scandal is once again: know the source of your food. BUY LOCAL HONEY. I am fortunate enough to have a bee farm in the county about 30 minutes north. Needless to say I will be tossing my United-Argentinian honey and making a trip to the farmers market for some REAL, UNADULTERATED HONEY.

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