Eating in the dorm can be one of the hardest things to get used to. It will be a learning process. Of course there will be times when you will be eating at the cafeteria or going out with friends but, by keeping healthy grab-n-go snacks or knowing how to make a quick lunch can be the difference from gaining to keeping it off.

This is important because you will find that eating out becomes a social thing. Everyone goes out and they use restraunts or coffee shops as the destination. While this is all good, it wasn’t until about half way through the school year my daughter realized she needed to hold back from all of the social eating. As long as you are mindful of “social eating” and not order a cheeseburger and fries because everyone else is you will be fine.

Here are some quickie snack suggestions to keep in your room:

IMG_7320When shopping pick up a pint of cherry tomatoes. Do not store them in the refrigerator. Keep them out in a bowl until you cut them or are ready to use them. They are perfect for a salad or are a great snack when put in a small jar with mozzarella balls, balsamic dressing and basil. You just made your dorm room version of Caprese Salad. Healthy and perfect for snacking on instead of chips.



Instead of pigging out on that bag of popcorn all at once, eat half. Put the other half in a large jar with some reese’s pieces or m&m’s for another day.This works well when you have that salt/sugar craving. By keeping things like this in a jar you can see the portion size you are eating.

By keeping your snacks in a jar, you extend the life of the food and its freshness. Nuts are a great source of protein but, they can pack on the pounds if  you binge on them. A great portion size for nuts is a palm full or you can put the lid to the jar upside down on the table and fill it up to the rim with the nuts. That is about a quarter cup.  Keep nuts on hand to add to salads or eat with fruit.


Always try to keep fruit in your room. Be careful not to over buy. If you must buy a bag of apples split the bill and the fruits with a friend or roommate.

*By no means am I a doctor not do I have a degree in nutrition these are suggestions of things I learned from my college freshman.

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