Show Stopping Grilled Strawberries

If you are having a get together this Summer, put a delicious twist on the basic brownie by covering it with grilled strawberries. Depending on the occasion you can either make small bites with a warm strawberry on top of the brownie or on a plate with several warm strawberries and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. Either way they are delicious.

To grill the strawberry you need a grill basket. You don’t want to set the strawberries directly on the grate. Remove the tops of the strawberry and cut in half lengthwise. Open the grill and turn it up to medium high to get a little flame going. Place the strawberries open face down. Turn at about 2 minutes. Keep your eyes on them. They should be almost a pale pink and not to mushy. Turn the berry on it’s back and grill for another 2 minutes. Being careful not to keep on to long because they will get mushy. You still want a slightly firm inside. Remove from grill and serve. That’s it! Not your typical dessert, these grilled strawberries are a nice surprise and definitely steal the show.

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