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Be empowered to use any piece of kitchen equipment or gadget that comes your way

As part of the journey I have had the opportunity to use many different appliances on the market and ones that are new to the market. Given this opportunity I’m sharing insight as to what I have experienced. My Top Picks are products in my kitchen that I thoroughly love. We do have an affiliation with the below products. If you purchase through this link we will earn a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Most recently added: The Phillips Infrared Grill

I love this “indoor” grill because it is light weight, easy to use and easy to clean. I have grilled everything from fruits and veggies on it to chicken tacos. It offers even heat distribution to cook perfectly. The nice thing is I can grill inside and outside at the same time if having a large get together. And,  I feel totally comfortable letting my daughter use this. I would never allow her to heat up the outdoor grill. I highly recommend getting this especially if you live in a condo or apartment.


Griddle Panini Press

This piece of equipment is a joy. The pre-set functions sealed the deal for me. In comparison to the other Panini presses on the market this one is the one to have. When you turn it on you pre-select what you are cooking. It beeps when it reaches optimal temperature. Put your food in and wait. That’s it. It beeps when its done. You can’t get much simpler than that. I have made everything but fish and everything comes out perfect. You can even put frozen meat on but, I didn’t like the way it came out. So, fresh meat not frozen is better. This unit is a bit more pricey than others but it is worth it. This is not available on Amazon.

Breville Appliances

Waffle Maker

 I first purchased this Breville Waffle Maker over a year ago and it is still going strong. I especially like the auto settings and how it beeps to let you know it is at the optimum temperature to begin cooking. The only drawback I have is I wished I had purchased the four waffle unit. Nonetheless, the waffles come out as a true Belgium Waffle should. The deep well on the sides prevent any overflow from going everywhere! The clean up is easy. I steam clean with a moist paper towel after using. Everyone loves the waffles, we now officially have Waffle Sunday in our household.

Breville Smart Oven Pro with Light

This Product is amazing! Though it comes at a price, it is truly worth it. We literally use this everyday. With the auto-presets my kids can cook their own pizza, toast and bagels. I have made small batches of cookies, small lasagna, chicken breast and the list goes on. At Thanksgiving it was my second oven. Do not pass this up. I specifically chose this because of the convection and light feature. It bakes, toasts, roasts and more. I also like that you can change the temperature and time at any point during the process. Breville appliances are extremely user-friendly. Definitely consider this when shopping for a toaster oven.

Breville Hot Chocolate Froth

So Much fun to use! Makes the best hot chocolate, cappucino and latte froth. It is so wonderful that when my daughter came home from college on Christmas break she stole it! It is again, very simple and automatically stops when done. The temperature is perfect and you don’t have to worry about burning yourself because there is no heat element. I am going to have to purchase another because I don’t think I will ever be getting my other one back!


This is this Vitamix I use regularly. Though it is not the latest model, it still works marvelously. I was really surprised when I tested it against the other popular brand, Ninja, on the market. I liked my Ninja but, the Vitamix took it a step further. My smoothies came out smooth in the Vitamix. I loved making soups and dips. The Ninja functions like more of a traditional blender while the Vitamix is in a class of its own; making soups and icecream with the same machine is definitely an awesome feature. Clean up is easy and I don’t have to worry about cutting my self on the series of blades. If you must save your pennies for a while to afford one, do so. You will be happy in the long run. Your life in the kitchen will be much more enjoyable. The only complaint is the power cord is short; it needs to be a few inches longer.


This Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is a dream! It makes delicious ice cream in about 20 minutes. Being able to customize flavors is truly a treat. We each put in our own different toppings and mix it up to have some fun. The key is putting the bowl into the freezer the night before. The machine comes with its own recipe book for ice cream, gelato and more. Order via photo link.

 To really make it special order these cute little ice cream bowls via the photo link.

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