Never Turn Off The Oven

Have you had some epic fails in the kitchen? Don’t give up. Just take off the apron and throw those oven mitts aside for a day or two.

Not to long ago it seemed like there was a period of about a week that no matter what I made I screwed it up one way or another. I was discouraged and was ready to turn off the oven forever! Then my friend suggested we head to the farm.

Head to the farm? Yes, we went to the local farm where they grow veggies locally for the Farmers Market. What she didn’t tell me was we were going to a cooking class at the farm. How cool; a farm to table adventure!

We toured the farm, picked our veggies and came back to the kitchen on the property and made a wonderful meal. Attendees included chefs and novice cooks who all had one thing in common: they all loved to eat! Don’t we all.

Getting out of the kitchen was refreshing. Since then I make it a point to get out of the kitchen, head to the farm or take a class at a local culinary establishment. Sharing my love of food with others has allowed me to make new friends and expand my culinary skills.

If you’re hitting a dry spell or are having epic fails, just get out, take a break but, most importantly NEVER give up and don’t turn the oven off forever.