Naan Flatbread

Get Your Veggies!

The one way I can get my kids to eat their veggies is by making this deliciously simple flatbread. The base ingredients include Naan Flatbread and a basil pesto spread, which you can find at any Fresh Market or Whole Foods Market  if you cannot find a spread you can purchase classico here via the photo link. Once the spread is on, we top with cheese, mushrooms, yellow zucchini and cherry tomatoes. My teenager actually puts broccoli on instead of mushrooms and cooks Cook the flatbread for about 12 minutes, right on the rack at 400 degrees.It makes for a fun, healthy family dinner.

We don’t have a big fancy pizza cutter because we have been using this one from Zyliss for years. You can get a great grip; the blade is sharp and it flips open for easy clean up. You can put it in the dishwasher but, it is not recommended because the blade will eventually dull. You can purchase this awesome pizza cutter through the photo link.