Make a Healthy Lunch in Five Minutes

Is making a sandwich with a side of chips easier than making a healthy, Cucumber Tuna Boat? I used to think so.

A sandwich with chips is the go to lunch for many. However, it is packed with carbs and fat. Not a good combo.

It wasn’t until I started ”meal prepping” that my eating habits changed and my waistline began to shrink. I realized ”meal prepping” was going to be the key to healthy living.

Washing and storing fruits and veggies in mason jars once or twice a week makes it do easy to pull things together for a quick breakfast or lunch. Yogurt and berries is a favorite. Carrots get eaten a lot faster if they are already washed and sliced.

Start meal prepping to save time for making a healthy lunch in five minutes. Enjoy!

Featured Image: Tuna-Cucumber Boats with minced carrots and cherry tomatoes

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