Life Changing Spinach Smoothie

Do you cringe at the sight of GREEN SMOOTHIES? Through my experiences as sampling these to the public, I get a look of hesitation. However, the best part is they ALWAYS love it and are surprised at how delicious it is.

True story: A family with an eight year old boy curiously came to my serving table to see what I was sampling. Once the boy saw there was spinach in the beverage he protested and there was no way he was going to try it. But, with some coaxing and bribery he agreed.

Once he took a sip his eyes lighted up! He threw up his arms and shouted “Popeye”! That made my day. His father even came back to the table to make sure he had the recipe; truly a dietary, life changing experience  for this family. I was thrilled and happy to know that this boy will be getting healthy vegetables and fruits in his diet.

If you are looking to get more healthy foods into your diet, check out this 4 ingredient super simple Spinach Smoothie; the first in our Simple Smoothie Series.


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The best piece of equipment to use to make any kind of smoothie is the VITAMIX. Other blenders don’t blend as thoroughly and will leave chunks of ice in the smoothie. Vitamix is an investment but, its worth every penny. SHOP VITAMIX!
 Looking to give your smoothies a boost? Add Matcha!

Matcha for blending is the ultimate source for antioxidants. Matcha tea boosts metabolism and burns calories. It is rich in fiber and vitamins. Matcha tea is an easy and simple way to add powerful health benefits to your lifestyle.