Knock Off Cupcakes

Do you dream of making cupcakes like the ones at the bakery or the ones on Cupcake Wars? Well, you can. With a little imagination and some tricks your cupcakes can be irresistible – just like the ones at the bakery. The featured cupcakes are Pillsbury box mix and Pillsbury frosting, that little dough boy rocks! The tricks are what’s inside and what’s on top. Remove some of the middle and fill with frosting or some creamy concoction. The s’more cupcakes have Marshmallow Fluff on the inside and are topped with a s’more candy and ground graham crackers. The Chocolate overloads have chocolate in the middle, chocolate frosting mini chocolate chips and a raspberry filled with vanilla icing. Very easy! The cupcake with the peppermint candy is just as simple. Vanilla frosting, mini chocolate chips and a piece of candy. The peanut butter ones are filled with chocolate but the icing is a combination of peanut butter and vanilla icing; mixed to taste. That’s it! Very inexpensive, easy and delicious. Throw caution to the wind and go for it!