Just Start Cooking

I meet so many people on a daily basis that say they are afraid to cook. Think about it. Without getting to psychological, it’s not the cooking they are afraid of but, the possibility of bad results, right? I am afraid to drive 100 mph down a dirt road but, have no fear of chopping an onion. Give me a knife and I will cut the onion; it wont be perfect but, it will be cut.

People who tell me they are afraid to cook really should just come clean and admit they are to intimidated to get into the kitchen. Once they admit they suffer from the intimidation factor, they can move on and begin a life in the kitchen they never thought possible.

I talk with people everyday who have tons of questions about chopping, slicing, dicing, mixing, cooking, grilling, etc. At first I was surprised to see so many people had so many questions. I mean cooking isn’t rocket science, right? Unfortunately, for some it may be.

Is it because home-economics has been taken out of the schools? Or, has life become so busy no one has the time or energy to make a decent meal? It seems both are true. I come from one of the last generations that had home-economics in school. For those of you who remember – It was great! Making biscuits, brownies, cookies and stew as basic as they may be gave me a good foundation for cooking. It is unfortunate that such a basic necessity was taken away. IMG_2459The photo on the left is of a co-worker who once let go of her “fears” is having fun and enjoying life in the kitchen. So, do yourself and those around you a favor: ditch the intimidation factor and empower yourself to grab that mandoline and slice away. Break out the garlic and add spices to whatever you can pull together. To get my kids into exploring with flavors I made a traditional grilled cheese but sprinkled it with basil and a little garlic. She was amazed how an average grilled cheese could turn into something so delish! Now the flood gates have opened and the cooking has taken on a whole new level.


Take your cooking to the next level. Whether it be starting out with grilled cheese or making a five course meal. If you don’t try you’ll never know what type of culinary concoction you will create. Who knows, you may start the newest family tradition. That is me to the right. I once was intimidated in the kitchen but, not anymore. I have found my inner chef and hope to help others find theirs.

Just let it go! Forget about being in fear of the kitchen. Peel back the onion, pick up a knife and start chopping. I am sure you will be amazed. If you really feel the need for instruction, check out a local cooking class or enlist the help of a friend. But, whatever you do, don’t miss out on one of life’s most rewarding past times, and start cooking!


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  1. Brilliant post. I hated home economics in school but it taught me so much. I love that you’ve got your kids interested in cooking with something as simple as cheese on toast too 😊

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