Go In Deep

During the design process, don’t skip the inside of the cabinet! Aside from deluxe drawer glides, and roll out trays there are hundreds of organization systems for inside the cabinet. If you are on a tight budget and there is no way you can afford the manufacturer installed organizational systems we have you covered! The suggested inserts will help you to stay organized!

This waste basket pull out is by Rev-A-Shelf. I have worked with Rev-a-Shelf products for over 12 years. They are prefabricated to fit within certain measurements. Be sure to check your measurements before ordering. Check out the spec’s on the photo link.

I have literally sold hundreds of these tilt out trays to people who are retro fitting. It is really a simple fix. The front face of the cabinet comes off and a hinge is added, the trays are attached and voila – instant tilt out trays! If ordering a new kitchen double check the price of factory installed tilt outs vs. this economical option.

This under the sink drip tray is a life saver! I cannot tell you how I wished I had one when my faucet started leaking! I learned by lesson the hard way. The cabinet base was ruined. We had a slow leak and because of all of the junk underneath the sink we had no idea until it was too late. After that experience, I purchased this sink mat right away!

Definitely consider roll-outs! If you forget to include them in your design, Rev-A-Shelf makes the transition easy. It is such a bummer to have to try to get to the back of the cabinet. With roll out trays you dont have to bend and reach; just pull out the tray and get what you need! The link is in the photo.