Have You Seen the Beauty of Blue Amore?

Tea drinking is clearly nothing new. It is one of the oldest historical rituals dating back thousands of years. But, this is not a history lesson: We’re just talking Blue Amore Tea.

Drinking Coke, Pepsi or some other sugary drink is how I grew up. Even the iced-tea was a sugar powder concoction that was infused with lemon flavor. I believe it was Nestea (maybe). Anyways, it wasn’t until I became an adult that I started drinking tea. Just plain old tea. No sugar or additives, just purely for the flavor of the leaf.

The countless flavors and different types of teas are almost to much to digest. It’s hard to pick a favorite. Since the opening of Teavana, which brought Tea to the mainstream, long gone are the days of English Breakfast and Earl Grey. It’s much more of an adventure to try whole leaf, herbal teas. Even the grocery stores are getting in on the action and carry a nice assortment of blends. Wildberry Hibiscus and Coconut Chai are my latest pleasures.

However, the most intriguing and beautiful tea is Blue Amore. Aside from the beautiful blue color, Blue Amore also boasts of having a remarkable effect on lowering stress and improving cognitive function. IMG_4065 Check out this video to see the beauty of Blue Amore. You will be enamored.

Blue Amore tea makes the most outstanding presentation. It is a tea that is exquisite and stands in a class of its own; that is why it makes such a perfect gift. Even if you are not a tea drinker, you definitely want to have some on hand for that special moment or holiday. This tea makes marvelous iced tea as well.

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