Toy Stores

We’re talking Man vs Woman; Husband vs. Wife. Garage vs. Kitchen. Yes, I love shopping at my toy store,Williams Sonoma, just as much as my husband loves shopping at his: The Home Depot . After all, isn’t buying that new drill bit or nut driver like buying a new knife or spatula?!?! It wasn’t until I began enjoying life in the kitchen did I realize why my garage was overflowing with drills, saws, tools and basically everything the Home Depot sells. Enjoying life in the kitchen has turned me into a Cook’s Tool junkie. And just like the male version of combo kits and tool chests I cannot get enough spatulas, bakeware, dishes or cookware. So this Valentine’s Day I will purchase a Home Depot gift card and let him enjoy HIS toy store. I won’t be that nagging wife who is always complaining about the garage. Instead, I will encourage him to buy more tools because I will need him to build me a pantry and an extra room for all of my new toys. It’s a win – win! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!