Growing Essential Herbs for your Kitchen

There’s nothing like fresh herbs in the kitchen; however, buying them at the supermarket can get a little costly, especially if you use them on a regular basis.

If you haven’t started your container herb garden yet, you still have time. Start with the basics if you have never grown herbs. I recommend basil and mint. Basil because it is a staple in Italian cooking and can be used in many other dishes. Mint because you can use it all summer long in infused waters, with ice cream and fruit salads. These two plants won’t take up much space.

Keep them in separate containers; the root system of the mint will expand and take over the container. The basil will flourish in a container and get nice and thick if pruned correctly (we will get into that another time).

Fresh basil from the garden adds tons of flavor to broiled tomato and mozzarella.

These herbs will do best in morning sun and should be kept moist without drying out. It’s simple – just check them in the morning. A little water everyday is perfect.

Keep plenty of mint on hand to enjoy refreshing, infused water.

Join us this summer as we use our fresh herbs in recipes to go from garden to table!

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