Get Ready for Grilling Season

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo? If not, no worries, as we slide into Summer, you can eat like it’s Cinco de Mayo all Summer long by adding chipotle lime seasoning to put a twist on the traditional barbecue. Don’t get me wrong, I love good barbeque just as much as the next guy, but variety is the spice of life.

To keep your barbecue on the lighter side, use rubs instead of sauces loaded with corn syrup. For your vegan friends break out the rubs or seasonings to sprinkle on corn and avocado then toss them on the grill. The best “grilling” purchase I have made is a lodge cast iron griddle; one side is flat the other has ridges. I put that baby on one side of the grill and I’ve got an instant place to grill up tortillas and soft veggies.

So now is the time to get set up for Summer: Get your tools, burger presses, rubs and sauces. Even kick off Summer with a BRAND NEW GRILL. This weekend I’m going out grill shopping. There are so many options. My husband is a die hard Weber fan.

With Memorial Day just a few weeks away, we’re kicking off Summer Recipes and Hacks on Monday and all month long! This Saturday I will be kicking off Summer Trisha Yearwood style with Summer in a Cup, Summer Seasoning and Sweet Rib BBQ Sauce (available at Williams Sonoma). It is going to be tons of fun!

One thing I want to try are these grill mats. I have heard a lot about them. If you have used them, let us know in the comments how they have performed. I am curious to see how they stand up against the Lodge Cast Iron Griddle.

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