The Stuffed Jar


A few months ago I started proportioning  out foods to be able to just grab and go. It actually worked out well; I lost several pounds and embarked upon ketosis. Furthermore, after a few weeks I noticed my grocery bill was going down and I wasn’t throwing out fruit and veggies that were no longer fresh. I had ZERO WASTE, my food was staying fresh longer and everyone in the household was eating the healthy snacks. Everyone want’s simple and easy. My teenager and husband never took the fresh fruit out, washed it, cut it and ate it; it was just to inconvenient. But, now that everything is ready to go, everyone is eating healthier.


Try this with your family without saying anything and see what happens. You might be as shocked as I was when I walked into the kitchen and saw carrots being devoured like they were potato chips. I have weened everyone off chips and fruit roll ups – even the organic ones. I only buy chips for a party or every once in a while. Check out a few examples of simple grab and go stuffed jars.

Exciting new Stuffed Jar recipes are on the way!