Dorm Room Snack Hacks

Parents teach your kids what it’s like to eat on a budget!

Now that the dorms are getting set up and everyone is moving in it will be time to do some grocery shopping. A suggested grocery list will help to keep you focused on healthy foods vs. junk food. But first, make sure you have your mason jars for sustainable living.

Check out these 3 Snack Hacks to combat chips and candy bars. Even granola bars can be high in sugar and carbs contributing to the freshman 15.

*I am not a nutritionist. These are things I have learned from my College Freshman and how she has adapted.

Snacking is inevitable. Snacking between classes, after classes and during study times late at night are usually when extra fuel is needed. We will continue to post ideas and ideas for Snacking

These bento are great for storing yogurt and berries; especially if you are need a grab-n-go. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of these links, we share in the profits.