Dorm Life

Setting Up Your Dorm Room Kitchen

Featured image: Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida photo credit: Dawn Brown

Now that you have all of the bedding, towels and dorm room accessories it is time to get serious about what really matters: Food. As a college parent I have learned a few things along the way that will help keep your eating habits in check as well as storage solutions to help keep your food fresh.

Getting set up in the kitchen can be simple. Check with your school before purchasing toaster ovens or any appliances. Some schools do not allow hot plates or toaster ovens. With that being said, there a ways around that to eat healthy while on a budget.

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If you are on a budget storage is essential to extending the life of your food. Plastics and ziplocs do not preserve or keep food fresh as long as glass or mason jars. All it takes is a little prep time and you will extend the life of your food by a week or more. For Freshman this takes a little getting used to but, by Sophomore year you will be a pro if you follow our tips.

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