Cupcake Envy

While scouring recipes on social media and looking at hundreds of instagram posts one thing is very apparent: there are cupcakes and then THERE ARE CUPCAKES!

It’s kind of like walking into the gym and seeing that slender, hot babe and thinking there is no way I will ever measure up! Ugh, I’m so envious of those perfect, beautiful cupcakes. How can I compete with the cupcake masters? I mean my gosh, we have an entire television show where people have cupcake wars! Cupcake wars? Sounds serious.

It is serious. Very serious. I have never seen people get so wrapped up in a small confectionary. A few weeks ago this man and his wife came into my place of business and they were VERY serious about making cupcakes. They were actually having their own personal cupcake war. Sounds kind of fun. If it works for their marriage then great. I hope their “cupcake war” brings some sweetness to the arena. Nevertheless, I feel like cupcakes are more of a competition than a delicious treat.


You have Sprinkles ®, Small Cakes ® and Georgetown Cupcakes ® to name a few iconic brands who have raised the bar for anyone wanting to make a cupcake. The cupcake trend began many years ago and has evolved into an art form with a plethora of exotic flavor combinations and decorations. The icing is piled on thick and most are topped with cookies, candy, sprinkles and decorations. Cupcake cookbooks have saturated the market and mothers are trying to out do one another at the PTA. What is a girl to do?

How do I even measure up? I have not had a pastry class in my life. How do I create CUPCAKE ENVY amongst the people in my social circle? Do I just say screw it, and throw in the towel or do I do the best I can do and hope that’s good enough?

The cupcakes I am practicing on, as seen in the photo, are for St. Patrick’s Day. They’re not for adults. Definitely for kids. I got lost in Cupcake Land! But, either way they look ok. The best part is I had fun and my kid’s enjoyed them. I won’t be bringing the rainbow concoctions to work. I will need to come up with more of an “adult” cupcake to share with co-workers.IMG_2437

One thing I have learned is that no matter how beautiful the cupcake, if it tastes like sh* t beauty doesn’t matter. So, I’m putting my cupcake envy aside and concentrating on flavor rather than creative, artistic masterpieces. My cupcake envy is like  that unattainable fantasy of having the perfect body; and not until I am satisfied with my own cupcakes will my cupcake envy disappear.