Smoothies for a Better Bod

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Now that Spring is here thoughts of Summer are brewing:  Beaches, Bathing Suits and Sleeveless Tops. Whether you are male or female, we all inately want to look and feel our best. Now is the time to get ready for Summer and start a smoothie making routine.

However, you need to beware of what you put in your smoothie. Don’t trick yourself into believing that all smoothies  are created equal. For example, if you go to one of those local smoothie shops you will be blown away by the sugar and calorie content. You could be looking anywhere from 400 – 800+ calories. So if you are calorie counting, make sure you order a smoothie that is right for you.

Green smoothies are the best! High in nutrients and low in calories. The color usually freaks people out but, if you were blindfolded and had no idea of the color you would love it. My favorite basic “green” smoothie consists of:

  • 1/2 cup coconut water
  • 1 cup fresh baby spinach (packed tightly)
  • 1/2 cup fresh, frozen chopped pineapple
  • 1/2 cup fresh chopped peach (approx 1 peach)
  • 1 peeled banana
  • 1/2 cup of ice cubes
blend until it reaches the desired consistency or use the preset if you have a Vitamix

Making sure you keep your fridge stocked with all the fresh veggies and fruits and coming up with new recipes can be a  challenge. However, I have come across GreenBlender . GreenBlender provides farm-fresh ingredients for superfood smoothies delivered weekly to your door. Its very simple: Choose your recipes, get your box, blend and enjoy! Each box comes with easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info and health benefits. I particularly enjoy having hard to find chia, hempseed, matcha, reishi and pea protein to make a superfood smoothie. It’s a win-win for households who are pressed for time.

One recommended investment I made was purchasing a Vitamix. I used to have a highly popular model of blender then bought a Vitamix; the Vitamix made all the difference in the world. The presets help tremendously and interestingly enough the consistency of the blend was smoother. I am not crazy it is true.

So now, with my Vitamix and the GreenBlender program on the horizon, I am prepared to embark on the life changing journey of smoothie making. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Programmable, Self-Cleaning 64 oz. Container, Heritage is the model I use regularly.



Deliciousness delivered to your door by GreenBlender.

Now there are no excuses not to make a smoothie or a healthy juice. Its a fantastic plan to jumstart your summer bod!


Never Enough Tea Towels

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about that special gift for mom. One thing I know for certain is you can never have enough tea towels in the kitchen. Tea towels add a personal touch and will leave a lasting memory. Whether they are for a holiday or just every day a tea towel in a gift basket or with coffee or tea make a perfect gift. There are so many cute choices of tea towels with theyare the talk of the town. Check out my favorite graphic Tea Towels!

If you dont want to get edgy, graphic towels then these are sure to please.

 Show some love with adorable Tea Towels!

A Grill for Your Mother

This is a testament to how simple, easy to use and amazing the Phillips Infrared Grill is.

We were making chicken tacos with dry rub for a cooking class using the Phillips Grill. It heated up almost instantly, maintained an even temperature and thoroughly cooked the breasts for about 10 minutes on each side with NO smoke. The chicken was sooo moist and delicious I was beside myself. It cleaned up in a minute with the nonstick grate. I was impressed.

Honestly, I’ve been looking at purchasing this grill for about a year now but, you know how it goes. It never happened. Now I am HOOKED and it’s on my priority list.

It’s so convenient Mother’s Day is coming; this would make the perfect gift (hint) for Moms, Dads, Grads and especially apartment dwellers. LOVE IT!


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