Week Three: Drowning in Plastic

I was in Walmart for the first time since embarking on this Zero Waste Journey; I felt like I was in The Twilight Zone (intro music plays…) with aisles and aisles stocked from floor to ceiling with plastic cups, coolers, straws and crafts. I must make a choice. A choice between trying to help planet earth and reduce waste long term or to serve myself out of convenience by continuing to use the toxic plastics surrounding me.

Almost everything we consume is encased in plastic. If not a plastic bottle then a plastic wrap of some sort. It seems the “stop sucking” movement has made an impact to stop the use of plastic straws. That’s fantastic! But, why stop there?

Stopping the use of plastic straws are just the beginning. We had to start somewhere though. So what’s next? Where do we go from here?



Do we address shampoo bottles, milk jugs, Saran Wrap, zip loc bags, sneakers, Crocs, etc. The list of plastic products is infinite.

As I walk slower and slower through the aisles of Walmart, almost in a zombie like state, I am drowning in this vast sea of plastic products. I am second guessing product choices and looking at plastic cups in disgust because of the vision of an ocean overflowing with trash.

This is a challenge. Rather a battle over what and who to put first: Me, Myself and I or the generations after me including the health and well being of the planet and all of its ecosystems. Hmmm, when you write it down and put it that way, the choice is crystal clear.

It’s clear that we all need to be a little more selfless, be a little more aware of what we are consuming and have the courage to give up most of the plastics we are surrounded by.

Trying to go Zero Waste is definitely a journey. Sometimes a rough ride because it requires mental strength, persistence and willpower with a willingness to give up a lot of modern day conveniences.

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Journey to a Healthier Home: Week One

Week One: Today I am stepping back and looking at all of the things in my kitchen that are unhealthy for the environment. It seems like a mountain and I will never reach the top. I am committed. Committed to contributing to make a difference: It takes a village. One motivating factor is my daughter has been accepted to live in the Sustainable Dormitory on campus. We can support one another. There are several groups out there I am researching and will share once I have a chance to thoroughly investigate. However, what I have found is most of these groups are in the European Nation. I guess we are behind the times.

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please, please, please leave positive comments. Please join this journey for a healthier home and healther planet.

A few items I have purchased and are listed on the Zero Waste Home.

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Do Your Part for Planet Earth

This Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day. A day we come together to clean up our parks and beaches; a day we pledge to be more mindful of our waste and use of plastics. A day some choose to plant a tree. The problem is it’s only a day. One day. It takes 30 days to change a habit.

Once Earth Day has come and gone, most of the population goes back to their careless habits of using plastics, not recycling and so on. I used to be part of the wreckless, the careless.

It took some time to change my habits and make a difference. But, since giving up the plastic, single use coffee pods and started storing foods in Mason Jars I feel better. Changing small things has increased my awareness of environmental issues big and small. Shown below is Ground Floor Farm, a local urban farm in Stuart, Florida. We had lunch on a covered patio right on the edge of the farm. It was a very eye opening experience.

Ground Floor Farm is a cozy farm to table restraunt. The menu varies depending on the season and what is “fresh”. Urban Farms are popping up everywhere; people are reclaiming the land and using it for sustainability to keep foods local, shortening the distance from food to fork. Check out a local Farmers Market or Urban Farm in your area you might be surprised at what you find. 

Whether it is recycling, changing to all LED Lightbulbs, reducing the use of plastics or whatever it may be; the challenge is to do something not for A DAY but, for at least 30 Days. Once you get through the first 30 days, a new habit will be formed, hopefully be continued and then you will know that you are doing your part.

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