Try New Cape Cod Chips

Cape Cod Pink Himalayan Salt and Red Wine Vinegar Chips are a hit!

Chip lovers rejoice! A delicious new Cape Cod Chip is on the shelves.

I couldn’t resist putting them in my cart! They broke my 60 day streak of laying off the chips. But, the Cape Cod potato chips are definitely worth it.

Comparable to regular Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips, these stand on their own with a slight variation of flavor. You can definitely tell it is a red wine vinegar – not as strong as straight up vinegar. The pink salt also creates its own unique saltiness. I prefer pink salt and use it over regular table salt anyways.

Cape Cod Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Red Wine Vinegar

The beauty of this potato chip discovery is part of the proceeds go to Cancer Research for the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute. They come in a pink and white bag that you cannot miss (really cool)!

Go on, get out there, try these new chips and raise money for a good cause!

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Tailgate with Hearty Burger Bites

Try these delicious burger bites at your next tailgate party. You actually don’t have to make them ”bites” but if you have two bites its a half of burger. They are filling; half will leave you room for all of the beer and other good stuff.

These burgers are Free Graze, frozen Kobe beef burgers. They take 4 minutes on each side at 400 – 450. The good stuff includes a wheat bun with chipotle mayo, grilled sweet potato slices (10 minutes on grill), havarti cheese and a friend egg. Put a cast iron griddle on the grill top and fry away. Slice sandwich into quarters and you will have a hearty, flavorful burger bite that will keep them coming back for more.

While supplies last, snag one of these awesome 2018 Advent Calendars from Dylan’s Candy Bar

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Grow Your Money at Dollar Tree with Hallmark Expressions

Surprise! I found a place where money grows on trees; well figuratively speaking. My latest money-saving, jaw dropping discovery is from the Dollar Tree. They now carry Expressions cards by Hallmark  for only $1.00 each. They also carry Heartline, a Hallmark Company,  which are 2 for $1.00. Now you can celebrate every moment and every holiday without breaking the bank. Dollar Tree makes giving quality greeting cards affordable. If you don’t believe me just check out the pictures of some of the awesome cards I picked up. Yes, these are just like the Hallmark cards we all know: Stylish and Heartwarming, made with Quality Papers.


I am so excited to have Hallmark Expressions and  Heartline  by Hallmark cards at Dollar Tree and on One of my favorites is this gorgeous Wedding card by Hallmark Expressions. The card pairs marvelously with the special wedding gift.


I cannot believe I only spent $4.00 for four Hallmark Expressions cards and $2.00 for four Hallmark Heartline cards! I typically spend an upwards of $5.00 a card at other retailers. Now with Dollar Tree, I have a ton of extra cash for more shopping! So, I’m thinking yes, money does grow like trees when you buy Hallmark cards from Dollar Tree.

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Literally hundreds of Hallmark Expressions cards to choose from for only $1 at Dollar Tree!

Have Unforgettable Hot Buns

It’s that time of year again; we are grilling, having parties and whether we want to of not, we are going to be faced with Hotdogs!

Everyone makes a big deal about what toppings to use: Cheese, Onion, mustard…the list is endless! But, if you don’t have delicious, hot buns it won’t matter what you put on it; your dog will suck!

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The tried and true, home run of a bun is the Pretzel Roll. You can get them in the bakery at your grocery store or even at Walmart! They are called Pretzel Sticks at Walmart and are ideal because they are thinner than the one’s at the bakery. If you really want to have the best buns on the block, therefore, the best dog make sure you doctor them up a bit.

Doctor Up Your Buns!

Steps for the Best Buns

  1. Slice length wise in half and butter the inside and out.
  2. Sprinkle with a few caraway seeds, Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel or flake salt (shown as header photo).
  3. Wrap in foil and warm for about 20 minutes at 325

There you have it! Only 3 simple steps to having the best buns on the block!

Make Your Friends Dizzy

Are you ready to mix it up? Make your guests Dizzy with The Dizzy Dog hot dog slicer! The featured picture is a baked corn dog for corn dog lovers using Pillsbury dough from the refrigerated section; just bake per the directions. You can put the sliced dogs on the grill for a hot dog experience like no other!

dizzy dog
Dizzy Dog

This is not a joke. Having this sliced dog brings out the flavor and let’s you put more cheese and toppings so you get the goodies with every bite. It also makes it easier to eat: your dog doesn’t slide out of the back of the bun when you bite into it. It’s awesome.

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This is by far our number one top pick for Summertime gadgets. We will be grilling these dogs on Memorial Day Weekend. Order yours now! Charcoal Companion CC2032 Hot Dog Spiralizer Grilling Tool