The Box Gourmet Strikes Again

I will admit, there are times I need to use box mix. Dare I say it? YES, I USE BOX MIX!

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That’s where The Box Gourmet comes in. I have adapted box recipes to take them to the next level; turning ordinary box mixes into something spectacular (well at least I think so). Thanks to my culinary experiences, I am able to imagine great creations. I hope you enjoy the recipes and are inspired to use your imagination to fool your friends.

Check out the latest recipe!


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All About The Kids

I love Easter weekend! Spring is in the air and the kids are so excited to decorate eggs, go on Easter egg hunts and of course, the suspense of the Easter Bunny drives them wild.

Even though my kids are grown, I will never grow up when it comes to Easter. I take part in all of the traditional activities: I dye eggs, decorate, bake and make a basket. It’s a feeling of happiness and renewal.

If you think you’re too old to do all these things, you’re not. Step out of the “adult” world, let go and find that inner child that still exists somewhere deep inside. Enjoy!

Give them Sweet and Sexy

It’s a crazy time. Spending at least 8 hours a day in the kitchen making, testing and photographing recipes for our ebook coming out late Spring.

I’m excited to share recipes that will hopefully inspire the most novice cooks to get into the kitchen. You don’t have to be a chef to enjoy amazing food and flavors. That is why I am working hard to compile recipes that virtually anyone can make.

One of my favorites is this Sweet and Sexy Orange Spice Cake coming out in our new ebook. You don’t want to miss it! Keep following us for all of the details. Join our Facebook page for special sneak peeks and your chance to win goodies.