Special Segment: Dorm Room Eating

Forget the Freshman 15

I am a parent of a college student and over the course of the year have learned a few things along the way. For those newbie college parents and students I am sharing important information that I have learned about dorm room eating and setting up a dorm room kitchen.

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On our page Dorm Lifewe first list recommended items to purchase to set up your kitchen. Follow us to receive grocery lists and snack hacks.

Please share positive feedback or hacks you have to stay eat healthy while living in dorm.


Checklist to Set Up Your Dorm Room Kitchen

Aside from the lamps, rugs and bedding the most important college checklist is The Dorm Room Kitchen! After being the parent of a college student who is now in her Sophomore year, we learned a few things: The dining hall can get old, eating out is expensive and with the right items, dorm room cooking can be a breeze! The first semester we definitely were not equipped in the kitchen department. Yes, I sent dishes, cups, storage containers, a refrigerator and a microwave but, come to find, the items I’m telling you about can make or break a pleasant college eating experience. NO MORE FRESHMAN 15!


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To save money on kitchen items shop The Dollar Tree! They have great glassware, plates, utensils and more!