Brunch for 10 Under Sixty Dollars

When you have a budget but like to entertain, try this menu for your Sunday Brunch or mid-week soiree for Ladies of leisure. This was actually served for a group called Ladies of Leisure, thus the name. I shopped at Publix for all of the ingredients which came to $59.60 Recipes on our food pages

Ladies of leisure Brunch

Avocado Egg Bake

Copped Veggie Salad Recipe

Berries with Creme Fraishe

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Lavender Frosting paired with Lemon Cupcakes is a Delectable Combination

Do you love Lavender? Lavender scented laundry detergent or bubble bath probably comes to your mind first. However, a new frontier for me is Culinary Lavender.

I have heard of lavender cake and other desserts with Lavender but had never tried one. Of course, out of curiosity I had to try to make something.

I found the Culinary Lavender at Williams-Sonoma and off I went. After reading and investigating flavor combinations I decided to go with Lavender frosting and Lemon Cupcakes.

One important detail to share is : Use Lavender Sparingly! Lavender can be very strong and overwhelming; a little goes a long way. For the best results seep 2 Tbsp. Half n Half and 1 Tbsp. Lavender in the refrigerator for 8- 10 hours before using. Drain the seeds and use the liquid in lieu of the milk in your favorite buttercream recipe. Add Wilton violet food coloring for some color. That’s it! Simple and delicious.

The Box Gourmet Strikes Again

I will admit, there are times I need to use box mix. Dare I say it? YES, I USE BOX MIX!

APC_0415-hdr (2)

That’s where The Box Gourmet comes in. I have adapted box recipes to take them to the next level; turning ordinary box mixes into something spectacular (well at least I think so). Thanks to my culinary experiences, I am able to imagine great creations. I hope you enjoy the recipes and are inspired to use your imagination to fool your friends.

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Grilling for Survival When Disaster Strikes

It’s time to set aside all of the glamorous recipes, meals and desserts and think about what you would do if disaster hit. I am bringing this up because I do live in a hurricane prone area and it is hurricane season. However, disaster can strike anywhere at anytime. I am sharing grilling for survival because it is what I had to do last summer.

The key element here is survival. It’s not about just having a grill, it’s about having the tools to go along with your grill it that make life easier. Whether it’s a propane or charcoal grill you must have CAST IRON COOKWARE. The essentials are a cast iron griddle, cast iron fry pan and a cast iron dutch oven. These key elements will allow you to make breakfast, lunch and dinner and not have to eat just grilled meats, fruits and vegetables.

Granted I love grilled food as much as the other guy, but being able to make french toast, eggs, pancakes and bacon during the aftermath of a storm with no power makes life bearable. Having cast iron cookware and a grill is like having a cooktop and oven. Continue reading “Grilling for Survival When Disaster Strikes”

Show Stopping Grilled Strawberries

If you are having a get together this Summer, put a delicious twist on the basic brownie by covering it with grilled strawberries. Depending on the occasion you can either make small bites with a warm strawberry on top of the brownie or on a plate with several warm strawberries and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. Either way they are delicious.

To grill the strawberry you need a grill basket. You don’t want to set the strawberries directly on the grate. Remove the tops of the strawberry and cut in half lengthwise. Open the grill and turn it up to medium high to get a little flame going. Place the strawberries open face down. Turn at about 2 minutes. Keep your eyes on them. They should be almost a pale pink and not to mushy. Turn the berry on it’s back and grill for another 2 minutes. Being careful not to keep on to long because they will get mushy. You still want a slightly firm inside. Remove from grill and serve. That’s it! Not your typical dessert, these grilled strawberries are a nice surprise and definitely steal the show.

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