Conquer Your Instant Pot Fears

Even though the Instant Pot® has been on the market for a few years I am surprised to find how many are actually in fear of using this amazing pressure cooker. To conquer your Instant Pot® you must face them head on. You must jump in with both feet. Conquering any fears is never easy, however; once you do the results are liberating.

I feared the Instant Pot® for approximately two years until I was given no option but to use one and try to become an expert on its recipes and functions. Well, we all know that becoming an expert on something doesn’t happen over night. I am currently working on developing my skills. Yes, skills.

Can you imagine really needing skill to use this piece of equipment? Not many are required because of all of the pre-sets but, developing and trying new recipes can be a challenge. I have had successes and epic fails but, I still press on.

To conquer your Instant Pot® fears go to a class. If you have a Williams Sonoma in your area they have regular classes. If you purchase your unit there, they will demo it for you. Once you have a demo, your fears will lessen. I met a woman this past Sunday who has had one in a box for a year and has not opened it, let alone used it. She is experiencing overwhelming  “Instant Pot Fear”. I offered her a one-on-one private class this Wednesday to help her through it.

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A Grill for Your Mother

This is a testament to how simple, easy to use and amazing the Phillips Infrared Grill is.

We were making chicken tacos with dry rub for a cooking class using the Phillips Grill. It heated up almost instantly, maintained an even temperature and thoroughly cooked the breasts for about 10 minutes on each side with NO smoke. The chicken was sooo moist and delicious I was beside myself. It cleaned up in a minute with the nonstick grate. I was impressed.

Honestly, I’ve been looking at purchasing this grill for about a year now but, you know how it goes. It never happened. Now I am HOOKED and it’s on my priority list.

It’s so convenient Mother’s Day is coming; this would make the perfect gift (hint) for Moms, Dads, Grads and especially apartment dwellers. LOVE IT!


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