A Bento Box Obsession

Have you jumped on the Bento Lunch Box band wagon? The eco-friendly, stylish bento boxes of today are modeled  after ancient Japanese culinary culture. The historical evolution of the bento box is lengthy and we don’t have time for a long, drawn out history lesson; of course you can GOOGLE it. We will keep it short and sweet.

Fast forward to the 1980’s resurgence of the bento’s popularity to fill the need of convenience meals like TV dinners. During the 1990’s bento boxes became popular as the must have lunch box for school age children. Pinterest and Instagram fueled the popularity of bento box recipes and meals.

My Bento Box obsession was created in part by Instagram and my desire to be more eco-friendly.  I love looking at all of those cute boxes with perfectly organized foods looking so appealing. The Bento Box is stylish, easy to clean and eco-friendly – you cannot go wrong.

Bento Boxes can be costly; I found the best priced bento boxes on Amazon. Take a look and shop my favorites. I have an affiliation with the links below; meaning we earn a small part of the revenue generated by purchases.