Are You Eating Clean?

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The term “clean” eating is everywhere. But, what does it really mean? Certainly it’s more than washing your fruits and vegetables. I DON’T DO DIETS; for me they are counterproductive. But, eating clean doesn’t really sound like a diet so I’m embarking on the journey which involves reducing unhealthy processed foods and focusing on twenty clean foods. Clean foods being avacados, fruits, veggies, eggs and whole wheat pastas.

Unlike other diets, you don’t have to cut out breads and sugars all together. That is enough for me to jump on the band wagon. So with that in mind, I’m ready for a lifestyle change. That is what the Clean 20 is for: Changing Life and Body.

There really should be no shortage of recipes or boredom of food thanks to Instagram. It is so easy to lose your self for at least an hour just looking at stuff – other peoples stuff.

If you are already eating clean please let us know about your victories and challenges.

Below are links to The Clean 20 should you be interested in making a “life change”. I am all for it if it works.

The Clean 20                    Clean 20 Recipes            Summary: The Clean 20