All Salt is NOT Equal

If you love Sweet and Salty treats, like Salted Caramel and Salted Chocolate Chips Cookies, make no mistake about it: All Salt is Not Equal! When you see recipes that call for a specific salt, there is a reason. Do not try to substitute one type of salt for the other; you will not get the intended flavor the recipe calls for. For example, I was reading a post where someone was making Salted Brownies; the recipe called for FLAKE SALT. Because she did not have flake salt she used regular table salt on top. Bad, bad, bad results.

From the photograph you can see the consistency and texture of flake salt stands on its own. It’s burst of flavor is like no other. I have come to be addicted to this flake salt. I guess that is a bad thing; to much salt is not good but, a sprinkle on my watermelon and corn takes it to a whole new level! Flake salt on hard boiled eggs is amazing. You do not need alot. A pinch will do; it is potent but delicious.


I recommend Jacobsen Salt Co. PURE FLAKE SEA SALT. <a href="http://Jacobsen Salt – Flake Finishing Sea Salt – 4 oz bag” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Shop Flake Salt Now! They make an array of flavorful salts and peppers. I also use their coffee salt and chocolate salt every now and then. Either way, it’s not something you will find at your regular grocery store.