A Shortcut to Perfect Gravy

Are you planning your Thanksgiving meal? I usually do a dry run at the end of October just so I can try new recipes and make sure everything is perfect.

Making delicious gravy is the key accompaniment to the Turkey so it must be amazing. The ultimate shortcut I have found is

The turkey gravy starter base by Williams-Sonoma. For years it has come out perfect everytime and everyone looks forward to it. I usually get 2 jars for a 10 lb. Turkey. It requires adding milk and simmering. EASY-PEASY!

The one drawback is they usually sell out. You probably want to get 3 jars to last for other special occasions. I get extra gravy for Christmas.

So, the way I see it, taking a shortcut to the perfect gravy is the most simple, full-proof gravy one can serve!

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